The Bittersweet-Milkweed Collaborative

A World of Diversity on 113 Acres

a friendly pig
a friendly pig

The Bittersweet-Milkweed Collaborative is a queer, small-scale adventure in community-oriented regenerative agriculture. In 1999, we began growing and learning in St Lawrence County, New York under the name Bittersweet Farm. In 2023, we smashed ourselves and our neighboring farm, Milkweed Tussock Tubers, together to begin what we hope will be a long-standing, ever expanding agricultural collaboration of multiple operations. Over the course of these 24 years, our operation has come to include greenhouses, transplants, seed potatoes, food forests, cattle, sheep, value-added production, humans, pigs and poultry.

We emphasize the inherent interconnections of life and work to respect and uphold them. And through all of our challenges and triumphs, we strive to share - share foods, share spaces and share our experiences and knowledge with you.

Our endeavors include providing sanctuary for endangered species, restoration of rare crops and the bringing together of diverse folks for the rejuvenation of our community. We welcome visitors to the farm and hope you will drop in!


Food is a right, and everyone should have easy access to good quality foods, free. Food sovereignty is at risk from climate change and capitalism. It has always been, and still is, wrong to enslave and impoverish food workers, growers and keepers.

To these ends, we push for a different world, building, connecting and learning in all we do. We promote spontaneous diversity, believing the fact that the hand of human is no greater than the hands of the living spirits of the soils, and ecosystems. We value small, local communities, community support and community organizers. We provide food and services on a sliding scale, and we create sanctuary for those in need.

Our ecologically restorative practices have renewed the land, and our classes and work exchange program have reached thousands of passionate folk, each of them carrying the seeds of regenerative farming into their future. We are simply one piece of the puzzle, but we make our piece count.

Our Reason for Being: