Our Crew

To be a part of a farm like this, you have to love land. Farming is labor-intensive, requires incredible passion, and stretches every muscle in your body, mind and spirit. We give thanks to all those who've joined us on this journey and look forward to expanding our wondrous community evermore.

The Collaborative offers seasonal internships and is open to volunteers. Interested parties may contact us with a description of their agricultural experience (not required) and why you would like to learn here.

Kia-Beth Bennett

Manager (They/Zi)

Founder of Milkweed Tussock Tubers and an original member of Bittersweet Farm, Kia-Beth is passionate about the rejuvenation of ecology and society made possible by regenerative farms. Zi enjoys diving in to the details of composting, rotational grazing and mental health, applying what they learn to the multi-faceted landscape of the collaborative.

Ann M Bennett

Founding Farmer (She/Her)

An expert in the plant world, Ann was responsible for the creation of the farm's two permaculture gardens and the success of our three greenhouses.

Ann passed away on January 15, 2024. She is remembered by generations of seed keepers, soil builders and garden growers, and her spirit lives on in the plants she tended and loved.

Brian Bennett

Founding Farmer (He/Him)

Brian's passion lies in pigs, chickens and teaching. His ability to captivate an audience means that in his retirement, he's become a well-known voice in the regenerative ag movement, often giving lectures and interviews. He still finds time to lead chicken butchering and pigging during the season.

Ava Bartholomew

Seasonal Crew Member (She/Her)

Now in college, Ava brings with her an innate understanding of the interconnectivity of each farm element. She enjoys conversations on literature and, like her sister Carly, social justice. Her carpentry skills have enhanced farm infrastructure tenfold as we move forward in our evolutions.

Carly Bartholomew

General Crew Member (She/Her)

With one foot in the world of social justice, the quiet worker that is Carly vehemently defends the balance of personal and farm well-being. Her focus and care for the tiny details of life make us stop and notice the insects, flowers and fun rock patterns of our shared ecosystem.

Heidi Bennett

Administrative Assistant (She/Her)

Hailing from Michigan, Heidi is the farm's only remote crew member. She navigates our website, online sales and social media platforms, beautifying our content and expanding our audience. In her local community, she frequents farmers markets, is restoring a patch of native plant species, and works for the University of Michigan Institute for Research on Women and Gender.